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RAC Services Inc. Ensures That Everything's Cool

If your air conditioners, coolers, ice machines, freezers or other temperature-related equipment that you depend on breaks down, it creates a stressful work environment by:

Consider RAC Services Inc. your business partner. We help you keep your delivery schedules and cold storage commitments on time, and on budget, with:

Our Dedication to Energy Savings and Green Initiatives

If the refrigeration or cooling equipment at your facility is of an older variety, you may be spending more money than you need to keep it running. As the technology in our industry is changing all the time, we can provide you with units that will do the same job as your old ones do now, yet are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. These alternatives not only save you money, they also reduce your carbon footprint!

We Help You Avoid Expensive Maintenance Repairs

Don't ignore those strange sounds or irritating extra steps! Is there a strange knocking noise made when your unit is running, or does it delay when you stop and start it? Do you have to push upwards a little bit on a door these days to get it to close properly? These could be warning signs that something major is about to go wrong with your expensive equipment. Call us immediately for an inspection of your units to avoid expensive breakdowns later.